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Foraging – 1 minute mission

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Wild food foraging has grown in popularity over recent years and one would be forgiven in thinking that it is a new trend. The truth is that humans and animals have been foraging for food since the beginning of existence, searching natural habitats in order to survive. We may not need to forge in order to survive nowadays but the act of searching the countryside and coastal areas for food is both pleasurable and, along with owning allotments, growing are own at home and guerrilla gardening, it helps us lead a somewhat self sufficient life.

Freshwater West Beach on the southern coast of Pembrokeshire is a prime foraging spot in Wales, with great produce waiting to be discovered all year round. The Welsh Coast is diverse in landscape and, along with the changing weather patterns, encourage many wild foods to grow in the area. On the right day, you can find edible sea weed, rock samphire, lava and sea lettuce along the coast, as well as berries and herbs in amongst the hedgerows. If you are new to foraging, you will want to seek advice on what is safe to eat, as you will not want to put yourself at risk by eating deadly fungi or rotting sea plants. If you have never tasted Welshmen’s caviar with Welshman’s Caviar with Halen Mon Sea Salt , you definitely need to try as it embraces the essence and soul of the sea and everything that is good about the Welsh Coast. There are many foraging groups in the Pembrokeshire area plus there is lots of information online and in books.

The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company prides itself on bringing innovative food to the people of Pembrokeshire, with many of its food products foraged locally. The team serve local seafood and food foraged from the beach, alongside other products sustainable produced by others n the region. One celebrated dish is their burgers that are made with locally foraged lava, adding a taste like no other. The nature of foraged food means that the food sold varies quite a lot day to day and month to month, depending what is in season and what is available to forage. For food lovers in Pembrokeshire, this means enjoying a good variety of food and trying something new on a regular basis.

If you have not been foraging before then take a look online to see where you may be able to forage in your area or what courses may be available. If in doubt, jump in your car or on the train and head to beautiful Pembrokeshire.

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Freshwater West Beach, B4319, Pembroke, UK

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