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Contemporary Fashion in Britain

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London and the UK has never been so exciting in terms of fashion and culture. With a vast array of nationalities living and working in the city, influences on fashion have never been so diverse. In London fashion represents a mood, one that is ever changing and that refuses to comply with the norm, one that dares to wear.


London has always lead the way in the fashion world, with youth culture inspiring designers to bring street-wear to haute couture catwalks. If you look back to the 60’s to people like Mary Quant taking her epic mini skirt to the global markets or Vidal Sassoon creating a wedge bob boom, Britain was buzzing with style ideas. Moving in to the punk rock days of the 70’s, designers such as Vivienne Westwood brought shock culture to the catwalk and John Galliano took New Romantic music into designer clothes stores throughout the 80’s. Designers have never been afraid to work outside of the box and play with fabric in ways that designers have never dared to before. Inspiration for designers has always come from youth culture, with the kids on the streets being the main instigators of hundreds of fashion trends that have lit up the world.

Contemporary Fashion

Young designers are being influenced more than ever by the action on the streets of the city. Contemporary fashion is all about movement and feeling, capturing a sense of what young people love about hanging out together. Design is forever evolving, with designers like Zandra Rhodes continuing to adapt her style and push boundaries to bring something new and innovative into the fashion world. Young people are always evolving and take a very liberal approach to fashion, taking classic silhouettes and structures and mixing it up with personal influences or a mish mash of inspiration from the world that they live in. Even well established designers, like Bruce Oldfield and Jimmy Choo, recognise the need to stay current and be as diverse as possible when releases new collections. Oldfield still keeps to his classic slim lines and lets his fabric do the talking but you will still see how, over the years, he has adapted his designers in order to meet with the desires of the youth market.

For Londoners, fashion is all about having fun and being able to express yourself through clothes. At the moment, bold prints and bright colours can be seen on the streets of the city but with an ever evolving youth culture, you are bound to see something new whenever you look.

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