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Heritage Fashion is a celebration of classic fashion that continues to thrive in modern society. Is where practicality becomes sexy, celebration of classic. Fashion designers all over the world celebrate British heritage fashion, with the acknowledgement that almost every major fashion move has foundations in the UK. Heritage may conjure images of traditional and conformity but it is anything but. Heritage fashion is playful and innovative, paving ways for classic designs to move into the 21st century.

Heritage Classics

Heritage fashion showcases garments that are designed with tradition in mind and that tell a story about where it came. Designers like Vivienne Westwood brand themselves on traditional fabrics, showcasing british fashion history with a modern, rebellious twist. Burberry is a perfect example of how contemporary designers uses a piece of clothing, the trench coat, and take it from being functional to iconic. Other classic garments, like the waistcoat and brogues, continue to evolve year upon year, without taking away the traditional element.

Quality Fabric

They key to great designer wear is great fabrics. Without high quality products, the number of pieces of clothing in the British clothing canon would be significantly lower. It is lucky, then, that we are blessed with some of the highest quality fabric in the world. Harris tweed is beautiful woven material produced in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, that has been synonymous with quality fashion for centuries. Scotland also produces high quality tartan, that is instantly recognisable around the world. Good quality also requires precision craftsmanship and the tailors of the UK are the most skilled in the world. Typically, a tailor on Savile Row will go through 10 years of training, 5 learning how to sew and 5 learning how to make clothes. Craftsmen pass on their skills from generation to generation, ensuring excellent quality decade upon decade.

Modern Heritage

Designers, such as Mark Powell, thrive in bringing heritage clothing into the modern world, His recent 1930s inspired suit for Keira Knightly won accolades for it’s innovative way to bring traditional male tailoring into the modern woman’s wardrobe. Holland Cooper is a brand that mixes country and city styles to bring high fashion to the masses and Tom Baker shows how you can be as creative as possible with classic styles, mixing tweed with leather in a recent piece for Prodigy frontman Keith Flint.

Visit any London clothing store and you will see British heritages influences across many lines, just as you will when you walk down any London Street. It is on the streets of the city that you are sure to see the next generation of style, as the youngsters put together their own twist on classic styles.

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