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Blackpool Culture & Heritage – GREAT British Itineraries

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Blackpool has been the number one seaside destination in the UK for decades due to its warm personality and wide array of tourist attractions. As well as lots of seaside fun, Blackpool has a rich cultural heritage, which the city loves to celebrate. What better way to take a tour of Blackpool than on a vintage tram journey along promenade. You can hop on a genuine tram from the 1930’s and take a tour along the last remaining 1st generation tramway in the UK, originally built in 1885. No matter if you are young or old, you will certainly feel a sense of nostalgia as you ride around on the tram, taking in the delights Blackpool has to offer.

Blackpool’s historic Winter Gardens is a large complex of entertainment venues, that was built in 1878 and is now a grade 2 listed building. A guided walking tour of the gardens can be taken with Blackpool Heritage Tours, but this will need to be booked in advance and usually only takes place once a year. The Winter Gardens is home to a theatre, a ballroom, conference facilities and an opera house. The Tower Ballroom is a much loved institution in Blackpool, with people of all ages fondly talking about their beloved building. The ballroom is best known from the BBC TV series Come Dancing and has since been host to Strictly Come Dancing, for special episodes of the show. You can view ballroom from the upper galleries for free, or you can take to the dance floor yourself. The ballroom is truly enchanting and much more impressive than what you see of it on TV.

Next stop for culture vultures should be the Blackpool Grand Theatre, one of the prettiest theatres in the world. The theatre was nearly demolished in 1970’s, but has now been lovingly restored and hosts cutting edge theatre and family favourites. Art lovers can enjoy a trip to the Grundy Art Gallery, a contemporary visual arts centre that his home to an extensive collection of modern art. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions and events, often inviting local artists to display their work amongst big name artists and designers. If you cannot get enough art over at The Grundy, take a trip down to the South Promenade for the ‘Great Promenade Show’. The show is a special art exhibition that was commissioned for the city and showcases large pieces of open air art that demands your attention. Like many attractions in Blackpool, the show comes alive at night and is truly a magical experience.

We have only had time to mention a short selection of cultural activities in Blackpool and we are sure there are many more, for you to seek out. We hope you enjoy your stay in Blackpool, don’t forget to buy a stick of rock!

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Winter Gardens, Church Street, Blackpool, UK

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