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Belfast Rock Tours with Terri Hooley – 1 Minute Mission

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Good Vibrations is now closed but this is a GREAT story nonetheless!

Terri Hooley is a Belfast rock and roll legend and is the star of upcoming film ‘Good Vibrations’, a story that explores the history of the Teri’s Good Vibrations record label and shop. The label is famous for having The Undertones on it’s books, a band that hit the big time when John Peel played their song ‘Teenage Kicks’ on his radio show.

Teri now offers a walking tour of Belfast, with a view of sex, drugs and rock n roll in mind. The Good Vibrations tour gives music fans to explore the history of the Belfast punk scene and other genres of music that have influenced the city.

Every month on the first Saturday of the month Terri will kick off his tour at his Good Vibrations Record Store, now found in the newly opened Avalon Arts & Crafts Village, an organisation now rejuvenating the once run-down and abandoned Haymarket Arcade situated between Royal Avenue & Gresham Street. The original store was situated on Winetavern Street, which you will walk down on the tour.

The Harp Bar, on Hill Street, was where all of the action took place in punk era Northern Ireland. The bar is the equivalent to CBJB’s in New York and attracted hundreds of up and coming bands over the years.Bands such as The Outcasts, The Androids and, of course, The Undertones were supported by Terri and played to screaming fans in the bar every week. It is believed that the famous ‘Teenage Kicks’ song by The Undertones was conceived in the back alley of the bar and was first played in the harp Bar.

In addition to touring the past gems of the Belfast music scene, you will be taken around current music venues, such as the ‘Oh Yeah ‘ club, where up and coming artists bid to become the next big things. You will also see significant places of contemporary artists, like Van Morrison and Snow Patrol, all of which make up Belfast’s colourful music history. finish you day of touring by drinking a few pints in one of Belfast’s

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